Bahamut's Wedge

Bahamut(バハムート, Bahamūto), the dragon-fish, is the Guardian of the Spring of the Sky.
  • Guardian Number: 04
  • Location: Spring of the Sky C-2
  • Background Music: "Dangerous Raid"

Fighting BahamutEdit


  • Bahamut leaps out of the water, causing a wave to knock you into the air, he then jumps into you.
  • He can also jump out the water and shoot a fire beam, from his mouth, he then lands back in the water causing a wave.
  • He will occasionaly stick his head out of the water and fire lots of shots into the air, raining down on the player.


  • Head.


  • When he jumps out of the water, jump up and fire Shurikens at him, or use flares and when he does the third attack listed above get close up and fire Shurikens.

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