This is the Chamber of Extinction. The remains of a terrible battle.
--Grail tablet for the Chamber of Extinction

The Chamber of Extinction (死滅の間, Shimetsu-no Ma) is a field within the ruins.

  • Area number: 6
  • Background music: "M.U."
  • Enter from / Exit to: SurfaceTemple of the SunInferno CavernShrine of the MotherTower of the GoddessChamber of BirthMaze of Galious
    • After defeating Viy, his room becomes a downward entrance to the Chamber of Extinction.
    • A teleport in the Chamber of Birth leads to a secluded area in G-2 where a pedestal must be activated.
    • A marked entrance from the Chamber of Birth takes you to the green, upper portion of the Chamber of Extinction that is not accessible from the bottom half.
    • The ladder in the first room of the Maze of Galious area teleports you to where Viy's chamber would take you.
    • After transforming the Shrine, there is no point in using the entrance to there anymore, as the moment you enter, a ray will be blocking the ladder.
    • The exit to the Surface just takes you to an isolated tunnel that connects to the upper, isolated portion of the Inferno Cavern.
    • During the "jump into a huge coffin" step of the process of unlocking Hell Temple, the portrait of Palenque (empty by then) acts as a teleport into a secret room in the Tower of the Goddess; this secret room is the final stop before Hell Temple is unlocked.
  • Boss: Palenque
  • Sub-Boss(es): Gozu & MezuCentimani

Hidden Things, Puzzles & TrapsEdit

Hidden Thing: Time Pilot ROM
Location: Chamber of Extinction B-3
Examine atop the slightly elevated blocks at the bottom of the screen.

Hidden Thing: Hyper Olympic 1 ROM
Location: Chamber of Extinction F-4
Break the rock near the top-left corner of the screen to reveal a hidden room. Examine in front of the entrance.

Hidden Thing: Maze of Galious ROM
Location: Chamber of Extinction G-5
Summon a Key Fairy from I-5 and escort it to the lower path of G-5. Move as far left as possible and jump in order to reveal a special passageway near the top of the screen. Enter it and complete the Maze of Galious tribute.

Hidden Thing: Metal Gear 2 ROM
Location: Chamber of Extinction H-5
Break the right wall of the green pool with the Axe and examine the skeleton within the opening.

Puzzle: Get the Map
Location: Chamber of Extinction C-4
Defeat the Centimani.

Puzzle: Get the Life Jewel
Location: Chamber of Extinction C-3
Depress the switch at the top-right.

Puzzle: Get the Life Seal
Location: Chamber of Extinction F-4
Break the left wall of the green pool at H-5 and move left through the hidden passages to reach F-5. Push the block on to the designated area to open the chest.

Trap: Rigged Pot
Location: Chamber of Extinction F-5
Hitting the pot on the left side of the screen will cause you to get hit with lightning. There seems to be no reason behind this.

Trap: Fake Coins
Location: Chamber of Extinction C-1
The coins sitting in plain sight in the top-right corner of C-1 are a trap. Approaching them will make them disappear, a wall will slowly rise up to trap you and spikes will impale you.


Location: Chamber of Extinction H-2
Attack the wall to the left of the ladder near the center of the screen to reveal this Shop.

40 Coins - Spears
70 Coins - Flares
120 Coins - Bombs


The western half of the area is dark. If you hit a torch with a flare, it will illuminate the area for a few seconds. However, the darkness may be lifted permanently in the Chamber of Birth.