GXSCC is a freeware Midi Player developed for Windows by Gashisoft that emulates the way midi files would sound on a MSX. You play files by dragging them onto the window of the player. OPL FM synthesis emulation is also available by double clicking the upper left GXSCC logo also causing the logo to change to OPLL!? GXSCC is current in beta status and development seems to have stopped since Nov.10, 2002. You can download it from the Gashisoft Website.

Gashisoft expressly prohibits distribution or even linking to their website without permission.

 Recommended Minimal RequirementsEdit

Windows95/98/NT4(after SP3)/Me/2000/XP (later Windows version and Wine support unknown)
Sound card with 16 bit stereo PCM, PCI connection
600Mhz Pentium 3
128MB memory