The La-Mulana Sound Collection is a rip of the chiptune versions of the music from the La-Mulana Jukebox, as opposed to the La-Mulana Arranged Soundtrack, which are rearranged versions of the uncompressed MIDI files done by GR3 Project. The Sound Collection is missing the fairy's theme song, "Legendary Small Beauty", and a few of the incidental tracks from Mukimuki SD: Memorial, noted at the bottom.

Disc I : The RuinsEdit

01. Earth Wind
03. Mr. Explorer / Surface 
04. Fearless Challenger / Guidance Gate 
05. Wonder of the Wonder / Confusion Gate 
06. Grand History / Mausoleum of the Giants 
07. Giant's Cry / Graveyard of the Giants 
08. Sacred Tomb / Temple of the Sun 
09. Moon Light Dance / Temple of Moonlight 
10. Curse of IRON PIPE / Spring of the Sky 
11. Sky Tower / Tower of the Goddess 
12. Inferno / Inferno Cavern 
13. GIGA-MAGMA / Tower of Ruin 
14. M.U. / Chamber of Extinction 
15. Song of Curry / Chamber of Birth 
16. Grand Ritual / Twin Labyrinths 
17. Primitive Dance / Endless Corridor 
18. Death Game / Dimensional Corridor 
19. Mother Will Be Awakened / Shrine of the Mother 
20. Awaking / True Shrine of the Mother 
21. Escape!!!
22. Run toward the sun
24. Midnight Jungle
25. Treasure Sealed Off / Hell Temple 

Disc II: Guardians & MoreEdit

01. Requiem
02. King Konda / Amphisbaena
03. Giant's Rage / Sakit
04. High-Speed Beast / Ellmac
05. Dangerous Raid / Bahamut
06. In the Bottom / Viy
07. Ancient Machine / Palenque
08. Sabbat / Baphomet
09. Interstice of the Dimension / Tiamat
10. Last Battle? / Mother I
11. Good Night Mom / Mother II
12. Fanfare
13. Xelpud
15. G-I-L-D
16. Dodge 
17. Wise Men
18. Fairy

Disc III: ZeusEdit

01. Curse of IRON PIPE (Ver.A) 
02. Aqua Wish 
03. Wonder of the Wonder -Prot Type- 
04. Spirit of Giants 
05. Crazy Moon 
06. Road of Destiny 
08. Mother 
09. Easter 
10. Sabbat -Prot Type- 
11. Take me to the sky, my children 
12. Good Morning Mom 
13. Blood and Beast 
14. Ancient Voice 
15. Song of Curry -Prot Type- 
16. Fearless Challenger -Prot Type-

Missing TracksEdit


"行進曲「威風堂々」〜空中戦のテーマ〜" (Kōshinkyoku "Ifūdōdō" ~Kūchūsen No Tēma~ [March "Pomp And Circumstance" ~Air Battle Theme~])
"アイネ・クライネ・ナハトムジーク〜五七三星のテーマ〜" (Ainu-Kurainu-Nahatomujiiku ~Go Shichi San Hoshi No Tēma~ [Eine Kleine Nachtmusik ~Five Seven Three Star Theme~])
"舞踏組曲「ガイーヌ」より「剣の舞」〜瞑想のパオラ〜" (Butō Kumikyoku "Gaīnu" Yori "Tsurugi No Mai" ~Meisō No Paora~ [Dancing Musical "Sabre Dance" From "Gayane" ~Meditating Paola~]) 

Mukimuki SD: MemorialEdit

"この胸のむきむき" - (Kono Mune No Muki-Muki [This Heart Is Suitable]) 
"歯が痛い告白" - (Ha Ga Itai Kokuhaku [Confession Of A Painful Tooth])
"伝説の樹の下でタイマン" - (Densetsu No Ki No Shita De Taiman [One-on-one Battle beneath the Legendary Tree])