The Map is an item found in each field of the ruins. After collecting the map, you can view it by equipping the proper ROM while within that field.

Equip the Ruins RAM 8K or Ruins RAM 16K to view the map at their respective resolutions, or equip both with the MSX2 to view the 24K map.

  • 8K Map: Shows the layout of the field, as well as your current location.
  • 16K Map: As 8K, plus highlights the location of the Grail tablet (yellow), entrance to the opposite field (green), and compass (red).
  • 24K Map: As 16K, plus shows all exits to other fields.

Maps can be found at the following locations:

There is no map for the Surface, True Shrine of the Mother, Hell Temple, Maze of Galious, or Legendary Tree.


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