00-starting area

The Surface is the starting area. You restart here everytime you load a game.

 Hidden Things, Puzzles, & TrapsEdit

Hidden Thing: Shortcut from Guidance Gate to village and back.Edit

Location: Surface H-4
While having your back to the entrance to the Guidance Gate, equip the Shuriken and fire.
Effect: Opens a tunnel to make it easer to enter and exit the ruins from the surface.

Hidden Thing: Metal Gear ROMEdit

Location: Surface I-3
Double-jump over the tall statue at the bottom of the screen and examine the ground immediately behind it.

Hidden Thing: A hidden tent with a Rom in it.Edit

Location: Surface K-2
While climbing the ladder, strike the left wall midway up to reveal a tent. Double-jump from the platform at L-2 to reach the tent and speak with its occupant.(NOTE: absolutely nothing happens if you collect all ROMS)

 Hidden Thing: Sign with Konami Pinball ROMEdit

Location: Surface J-1
Check the sign using the Hand Scanner, then leave the area and come back. Re-check the sign to obtain this item.

 Hidden Thing: Secret PotsEdit

Location: Surface D-3
Use the Life Seal to reveal a hidden alcove with 3 pots

Hidden Thing: Life JewelEdit

Location: Surface L-3
Follow the water from K-1 down to L-3. Hug the far right wall. Then jump and whip the wall until the jewel is revealed.

Hidden Thing: PistolEdit

Location: Surface J-2
In the passageway connecting the Chamber of Extinction and the Inferno Cavern. Destroy the rightmost wall with bombs.

Hidden Thing: Birth SealEdit

Location: Surface L-2
From the edge of the waterfall in K-1, jump to the floating ledge in L-2, then jump to the treasure box with the Birth Seal on the right. Use the Conception Seal to open the box.

Puzzle: Open the entrance to the temple.Edit

>Location: Talk to Elder Xelpud in the upper tent at Surface G-4 without the save Rom equipped

Puzzle: Get the Shell HornEdit

Location: Surface I-2
Kill all the enemies on the screen

Puzzle: Get the FeatherEdit

Location: Surface A-3 and B-3
Once you got the Serpent Staff, fight the Blue Algol at B-3. When he is defeated, proceed to A-3 to collect the Feather.


Location: Surface G-4
Enter the rightmost tent.

20 Coins - Hand Scanner
80 Coins - Buckler
500 Coins - Ammunition

Location: Surface G-4
Enter the tent lowest on the screen.

80 Coins - Waterproof Case
20 Coins - Shuriken
150 Coins - MSX2

Location: Surface F-4
Enter the lone tent on screen.

10 Coins - Game Master
30 Coins - Ruins RAM 8K
100 Coins - Glyph Reader