00-starting area

The Surface is the starting area. You restart here everytime you load a game.

 Hidden Things, Puzzles, & TrapsEdit

Hidden Thing: Shortcut from Guidance Gate to village and back.Edit

Location: Surface H-4
While having your back to the entrance to the Guidance Gate, equip the Shuriken and fire.
Effect: Opens a tunnel to make it easer to enter and exit the ruins from the surface.

Hidden Thing: A hidden tent with a Rom in it.Edit

Location: Surface K-2
While climbing the ladder, strike the left wall midway up to reveal a tent. Double-jump from the platform at L-2 to reach the tent and speak with its occupant.(NOTE: absolutely nothing happens if you collect all ROMS)

 Hidden Thing: Sign with ROMEdit

Location: Surface J-1
Kill all birds on the screen, then check the sign using the Hand Scanner and Glyph Reader twice. (The trigger may be different, but it appears to involve more than just checking the sign. Not sure, but the Glyph reader may be unnecessary.)

 Hidden Thing: Secret PotsEdit

Location: Surface D-3
Use the Life Seal to reveal a hidden alcove with 3 pots

Hidden Thing: Life JewelEdit

Location: Surface L-3
Follow the water from K-1 down to L-3. Hug the far right wall. Then jump and whip the wall until the jewel is revealed.

Hidden Thing: PistolEdit

Location: Surface J-2
In the passageway connecting the Chamber of Extinction and the Inferno Cavern. Destroy the rightmost wall with bombs.

Hidden Thing: Birth SealEdit

Location: Surface L-2
From the edge of the waterfall in K-1, jump to the floating ledge in L-2, then jump to the treasure box with the Birth Seal on the right. Use the Conception Seal to open the box.

Puzzle: Open the entrance to the temple.Edit

>Location: Talk to Elder Xelpud in the upper tent at Surface G-4 without the save Rom equipped

Puzzle: Get the Shell HornEdit

Location: Surface I-2
Kill all the enemies on the screen

Puzzle: Get the FeatherEdit

Location: Surface A-3 and B-3
Once you got the Serpent Staff, fight the Blue Algol at B-3. When he is defeated, proceed to A-3 to collect the Feather.


Location: Surface G-4
Enter the rightmost tent.

20 Coins - Hand Scanner
80 Coins - Buckler
500 Coins - Ammunition

Location: Surface G-4
Enter the tent lowest on the screen.

80 Coins - Waterproof Case
20 Coins - Shuriken
150 Coins - MSX2

Location: Surface F-4
Enter the lone tent on screen.

10 Coins - Game Master
30 Coins - Ruins RAM 8K
100 Coins - Glyph Reader

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