The Two Murals is a puzzle in the Chamber of Extinction.


  • tablet in Chamber of Extinction: "There is a riddle hidden between two murals. Concealed within the large one, it is summoned by the small. Challenge the riddle with golden key in hand."


  • to activate the small mural, obtain the Plane Model. Go to Chamber of Birth H-3 and touch the blue elephant to teleport across the gap. Move to G-3 and find the invisible teleports to get into the enclosed area and warp to Chamber of Extinction G-2. Drop a weight at the pedestal. A mural will appear in the Chamber of Extinction, room B-2.
  • to activate the large mural, jump into the small mural after obtaining the Pochette Key. A mural will appear in the Chamber of Extinction, room I-3.


  • Palenque's mural (and ankh) will appear in Chamber of Extinction room I-3.

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