Elder Xelpud (ゼレプド, Zerepudo)
His age is unknown. He is the elder of the "Guardian tribe" that protects the ruins of La Mulana. He is an old friend of Shorn, and actually met Lemeza when he was a child, though Lemeza was too young to remember. Xelpud holds to the tradition of his clan in protecting the ruins, but is remarkably easy-going and does a lot more than "protect the ruins of La Mulana" and is actually quite a technophile. He even set up a hydroelectric power generator for his personal use by the waterfall on the outskirts of the village. However, thanks to his efforts, his village has become quite prosperous for being in the middle of the jungle. Xelpud is famous on the Internet as an MSX expert.

Shop keepers There are 3 shop keepers who are villagers. They sell you things.

The Man in the lonely Tent This guy warns you about the Algol, but except that, he is not interesting.

Other Villagers The other villagers do not talk to you and exist for the single reason to make the village look inhabited. They disappear after all 8 Guardians are defeated.