The main weapons found in the ruins.


The basic weapon you start with. When attacking, it hits targets above and behind the player as it is swung, then strikes targets in front of the player. It deals 2 points of damage by default, or 6 points of damage with the Mahjong Wizard and Castlevania ROM combo.

Chain WhipEdit

Chain Whip
A stronger version of the whip, with an identical attack pattern. It can be found in the Inferno Cavern and deals 4 points of damage 8 with the Mahjong Wizard and Castlevania ROM combo.


The strongest version of the whip. Its attack pattern is the same as the Whip or Chain Whip. Lemeza can find it in the Tower of the Goddess. The Mace deals 6 points of damage 10 with the Mahjong Wizard and Castlevania ROM combo.


A short ranged weapon that hits target directly in front and below the player. It is only little stronger than the whip, but has faster attack speed. It can be found in the Temple of the Sun and deals 3 points of damage 6 with the Video Hustler and Break Shot ROM combo.


A strong weapon that hits in an arc from above the player to the front. It is slow to swing, but it ignores shields (you can hit those annoying shielded enemies from their front) and the attack speed increases slightly with the gauntlet. Discover this weapon in the Temple of Moonlight and axe your enemies a question. It deals 5 points of damage.


A ceremonial blade that hits targets directly in front of the player. Found in the Endless Corridor, it deals 2 points of damage. This is the only weapon that can damage certain enemies, such as the Sub-Boss Bashumu in the Dimensional Corridor and the Mother's first form. It's also long, which makes it useful for precision pot-breaking in the Endless CorridorDeceasedCrab points out (though not directly) that the middle of the Keyblade resembles a swastika. The swastika is an ancient symbol of good luck in Eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, though in Western cultures it is commonly associated with the Nazi Party because they appropriated it for their official symbol in 1920.


The best basic weapon next to the mace that hits targets in an arc from below the player to the front. It is hidden in the Twin Labyrinths and deals 5 points of damage.

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